Mongolia. The boundless emerald steppes and the purest blue lakes, snow-capped peaks of the Altai and the hot expanses of the Gobi Desert, magnificent monuments of Buddhism and the revived history of Genghis Khan. It is a country of vivid colorful festivals, generous cuisine and incredible hospitality.

Mongolia will give you an opportunity to get acquainted with the cultural and natural resources. Ancient history, unique landscape and traditions will make even a short trip really memorable. The country offers to its guests several leisure options: ecological, active, cultural.

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Nature is one of the main treasures of the country. 22 national parks will allow to see a variety of landscapes and fauna. Vegetable life varies from larch taiga to desert, many of whose inhabitants are listed in the Red Book. Rich and diverse nature is ideal for an active leisure – pedestrian tours, horseback trips, caravanning. Hunting and fishing are popular leisure activities, long ago mastered by foreign guests of the country. Not so long ago there was opened the first, the only modern ski resort near the capital.

The culture of Mongolia is very old. It is represented as archaeological monuments - rock paintings and ruins of ancient settlements, and also as medieval Buddhist monasteries and palaces. Modern sights of Mongolia are museums, theaters, parks, shopping centers in the capital of the country. In the cities many festivals are held, some of them has really bright national color. The best time for a trip is the end of August and the beginning of September, although all summer provides quite comfortable conditions for getting to know the country.

The capital is Ulaanbaatar.

Time Zones (UTC +7) (UTC +8)

International Airport - Gurvan-Sayhan2 Ulan Bator, Mongolia

International Airport - Genghis Khan, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Climate: the high ridges of Central Asia, encircling Mongolia almost from all sides, isolate it from the damp air currents of both the Atlantic and the Pacific. So there is a sharply continental climate on its territory.

The recommended duration of visit is 7-10 days.

Places must see:
  • Ulan-Bator
  • Monument to Genghis Khan (Statue in Tsongzhin-Baldog)
  • The Gobi Desert
  • The ancient city Karakorum
  • Gandantagchenlin Monastery
  • Monastery Erdene-Zuu
  • Monastery of Amarbaasgalant
  • Choyzhin Lamyn Sum Museum
  • Bogdjan's Palace
  • Zaisan Memorial
  • Gorkhi-Terelzh National Park
  • Hustain Nuruu National Park
  • Gurvansayhan (Gobi-Gurvan-Sayhan)
  • Hubsugul Lake
  • Ubsu-Nur Lake
  • The Elin-Am Gorge
  • Orkhon river valley
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