Ring of Fire 13 days

Duration: 13 days

14 June, 2018 - 26 June, 2018

Visit the Far East and you will feel like a pioneer - this region is so rich and unexplored.

Wrangel Island 15 days

Dates 03 August, 2020 to 20 August, 2020 / 17 August, 2020 to 31 August, 2020

A great opportunity to visit the biosphere reserve Wrangel Island is a cruise aboard the ship "Spirit of Enderby". You will have the opportunity to see walruses and bears.

Luxury Cruise Moscow-SPb 7 days

Moscow-Uglich-Yaroslavl-Goritsy-Kizhi-Svir river and Svirstroy-St.Petersburg

An unusual route along the longest and largest river in Europe.

Unprecedented level of luxury, as well as the finest accommodation, delicious food, best service and care in the industry. With 60 crewmembers and a capacity for just over 100 passengers, the ship has the lowest passenger-to-crew ratio among Russian river cruise ships.

Lake Baikal Cruise 7 nights

Cruise on the deepest lake on the planet. Bathing in hot springs and visiting stunningly beautiful places. The opportunity to see the Baikal seal in a natural habitat.


Dates: Jun 17–Jun 30, 2020, Jun 28–Jul 11, 2020

Trip duration: 14 days


This is your chance to conquer the North Pole and make the fastest trip around the world. You will travel to the North Pole aboard the nuclear-powered icebreaker. You will visit the legendary Franz Josef Land archipelago and get a chance to see polar bears and walruses. Join the special narrow circle of adventurous travelers who have made it to THE TOP OF THE WORLD!