Flora  is an opportunity to take a fresh look at the great works of Old Masters in the Hermitage collection through a synthesis of the arts – literature, acting, music and dance. The invited creators will push back the boundaries of the perception of the collection belonging to one of the world’s greatest museums.

Premiere 16 September 2021 

The festival introduces the audience to the outstanding masterpieces of foreign and national opera classics in open-air format. Admission is free. Citizens and visitors of St. Petersburg get the chance to see the most popular worldwide opera productions completely free of charge.

St. Petersburg - the water capital of Russia. Our city is world famous for its granite embankments of the Neva River, the magnificent palace complex, the strung out along the coast, the unique landscape of the Gulf of Finland - forts, islands, the splendor of the palace and park ensemble of Peterhof, the pristine nature of Lake Ladoga .

We pride ourselves on our service, individual approach to each client and seamless support in every aspect of your life.

Start your journey by getting to know this unique city where everyone can find something to fall in love with. Go 'hunting' for traditional tourist attractions or explore the city's cosy corners away from the tourists' sight.
Once you had enough of walking, take a break for lunch in one of the best restaurants in the world and then carry on exploring the city by visiting beautiful gems of the art world.

WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF THE FUTURE As innovators in medicine, introducing the 4P approach in Russia, we also want to draw the attention of young, healthy active people, aged 30-55, to the possibility to manage their health, age and maximize the potential of the body, due to modern medical advances - regular early diagnosis and revitalizing programs.
The most popular highlight of the White Nights Festival is a yearly event called Scarlet Sails in Russian. It celebrates the high school graduates of Saint Petersburg and marks the official beginning of the summer holidays. The event will be held on the 25th of June to 26th of June, 2021 After the many open-air concerts have ended, a ectacular show takes place on the river Neva with its climax the appearance of a magnificent scarlet-draped sailing ship.
St. Petersburg-based Raketa watchmaking factory is to take part in recreating the unique clock mechanism for Notre Dame de Paris, the factory said in its Instagram account.
Next year, the construction of an exhibition complex for holding naval shows is to commence in Kronstadt. Russia’s main event of this kind, the International Maritime Defense Show, is also to be held there.

We invite you to visit the publishing house "Rare Book from St. Petersburg" exclusively.

Autograph Collection Hotels has announced its debut in Georgia with the opening of Paragraph Resort & Spa in the Black Sea coastal resort of Shekvetili.
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