Rare Books from Saint Petersburg

Monday, 21 December 2020 06:02 News Written by ITS

We invite you to visit the publishing house "Rare Book from St. Petersburg" exclusively.

ABOUT THE PUBLISHING HOUSE The story of the Rare Books from Saint Petersburg publishing house began in 1991 with a dream of reviving the traditions that had become lost in Russia of producing books as works of art. It took enormous efforts to find and restore old printing equipment and to bring together skilled practitioners of disappearing crafts. Today our publishing house’s books are more than just a unique gift that art connoisseurs seek to obtain for their collections, they are also museum exhibits that can be found in leading museum and library collections around the world.

THE CREATIVE PROCESS The atmosphere in the publishing house conjures up a printshop of Gutenberg’s day. When producing the books,  craftspeople use vintage printing and binding equipment. Each individual copy is unique, including original graphic art and calligraphy, with typesetting, printing, assembling and binding all being done by hand.

Publishing house’s books are truly a delight for bibliophiles – small numbered print-runs, exquisite paper, original illustrations by some of the world’s finest artists and originally designed bindings. These luxury items, created to be viewed at length and collected, are capable of surprising even the most sophisticated connoisseur of art, becoming an exclusive and impressive gift, a gem in a personal library, a family heirloom and a profitable investment.