Chenot Palace Azerbaijan

Health and wellness holidays in Azerbaijan: nature and history at the gate of Europe.

The Wellness Hotel, located in the Gabala region, offers individual programs tailored to your needs and requirements. All developed programs are aimed at stimulating the body to remove toxins, deep cleansing of tissues, regulating physiological balance, accelerating metabolism and restoring vitality and energy of the body.

Gabala, within the broad and ancient region of Azerbaijan, thanks to its pure air, stunning nature and tranquillity, is undoubtedly the perfect retreat prevention and regenaration. Far from the noise of the city and your stressful daily routine, a place where learning to understand the importance of taking time to reboot and recharge.

Individual tour to Azerbaijan 8 days/7 nights


Take a week-long journey through an amazing, diverse and unexplored Azerbaijan. Here, history and modernity go hand in hand.