Jungaria tour 9 days

Description of the tour

A new route through poorly known or totally unknown places of Jungar Alatau mountain country. Just in the one trip - the highest waterfall, ancient petroglyphs, a unique sanctuary, unexplored settlements and vertiginous natural landscapes!

Route: Almaty Region (Kazakhstan) 
Season: May - October 
Best Period: June, September 

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Tour program:

Day 1. Almaty - Taldykorgan - Taubulak  
Departure from Almaty at 07:00. Arrival to Taldykorgan at 10:00. Visit to local history museum of Almaty region, lunch. Transfer to Taubulak eco-camping (132 km, of which 61 km is in mountainous terrain). During the 6-hour trip there are expected 2-3 stops (10-15 minutes) near the unique places of Jungar Alatau. Arrival to Taubulak eco-camping at 17:00. Accommodation and rest. Dinner, free time and preparation to trekking. Overnight in Taubulak eco-camping.  
Mountains of Jungar Alatau serve as a natural border with China and have a length of 400 km. One of the most picturesque gorges of Zhetisu – Kora Gorge lies in these mountains and stretches for 90 km.

 Day 2. Taubulak - Burhan Bulak Gorge - Taubulak
Breakfast. Leaving the base and trekking to Burhan Bulak gorge, visit the top tier of the waterfall.    
Burhan Bulak waterfall, the highest in Central Asia, situated at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level. The height of its three tiers is 112 meters. 
Lunch (picnic) in Burhan Bulak gorge. Return to Taubulak base, dinner, rest. Overnight in Taubulak eco-camping. 

Day 3. Taubulak - Bayan Zhurek - Kalakai - Zhansugurov Village
Wake-up at 06:00. Breakfast and transfer to Bayan Zhurek archaeological complex.  
Bayan Zhurek ridge stretches from west to east for about 20 km and reaches a height of about 2000 m above sea level. From Jungar Alatau ridge, Bayan-Zurek is separated by Kaskarau mountain valley. 
Sightseeing at petroglyphs, lunch. Transfer to Kalakai ancient sanctuary.  
This is a great ring of stones with a diameter of 97 meters. There is a huge boulder of glacial origin in the center, which remained after the disappearance of glaciers, and, separately, a cross of large stones is laid. 
Transfer to the ancient and unexplored until today remains of settlements. 
Moving to Zhansugurov village, accommodation in a hotel, dinner, rest.

Day 4. Zhansugurov Village - Sarkand - Ekiasha Settlement - Topolevka Settlement  
Breakfast in the hotel and transfer to Sarkand.
Sarkand was mentioned for the first time in Shokan Valikhanov’s articles about Semirechye study. These references date back to 1857 of the last century. Initially Sarkand was a village, based by Siberian Cossacks. The main activity of the locals is agriculture, production of excellent wines. There is even a small brewery and a cheese production plant.
Visit to the office of Zhongar-Alatau National Park. Drive along the scenic mountain road to Ekiasha village (the old name - Pokatilovka village), founded in 1911. Visiting sacred stone Aulie Tas. Aulie Tas shrine (Holy Stone) is a multi-ton stone, which in its form resembles a heart, when viewed from a certain angle.
Lunch (picnic) at the holy stone. Transfer to Topolevka village to Osinovy cordon, where the largest in Kazakhstan amount of Sievers wild apple grows.
Accommodation at the cordon, dinner, rest.

Day 5. Topolevka Settlement - Lower Zhasylkol Lake
Breakfast. Transfer to the highest apiary of Jungar Alatau, which sent honey to the table of the last Russian tsar. Lunch in the apiary, honey tasting. After lunch, trekking to the lower Zhasylkol lake. 
Zhasylkol lake is located on the northern slope of the Jungar Alatau ridge, in the valley of Agynykatty river, at an altitude of 1640 meters above sea level. Maximum length of the lake is 2,070 meters, maximum width in the northern part - 751 meters. Until the 80s of the last century this place was practically untouched by humans, and is not surprising as this is an area of the state border. Setting a camp, dinner, rest. Overnight in the tent camp at the lake shore. 
Walking distance in this day approx. 3 km.

Day 6. Lower Zhasylkol Lake - Lepsinsk
Wake-up, breakfast. After breakfast, trekking to the origins of Agynykatty river. Return to the camp, lunch. Then descend to the apiary and transfer to Lepsinsk. Accommodation in the guest house, sauna, dinner, rest.  
Walking distance in this day approx. 3 km.

Day 7. Lepsinsk 
Breakfast in the guest house, then visit to the local history museum of Lepsinsk village. 
According to artifacts, it can be said that Lepsinsk area was already populated in the XII century. This is evidenced by finding of burial stone - Bal-Bal, dating from XII-X century. Lunch in the guest house, then a small sightseeing tour of the historical sites located near Lepsinsk. Return to the guest house, sauna, dinner, rest.

Day 8. Lepsinsk - Cherkassky Defense - Koilyk Settlement - Sarkand
Breakfast in the guest house and transfer to Cherkassk village, visit to the memorial.  
Cherkassky Defense (1918-1919) - fighting of peasants from 12 Russian villages of Lepsinsk county in the rear of the White Guard troops, which took place in an atmosphere of fierce struggle between the peasants-new settlers on the one hand, and Semirechensk Cossacks, peasants-old-timers and rich Kazakhs on the other.
After sightseeing, lunch (picnic) at nature. Then tranfer to Koilyk Settlement. 
Koilyk settlement was the largest trade, industrial and cultural center in the north-east of Semirechye in XIII-XIV centuries, the headquarters of Karluk Jhabgu. The area is surrounded by a fortified wall of height up to 4 meters
Transfer to Sarkand. Accommodation in a hotel, dinner and rest.

Day 9. Sarkand - Taldykorgan - Almaty
Breakfast. Departure from Sarkand at 09:00. Lunch on the way in Taldykorgan. Arrival to Almaty approx. at 20:00.  



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