Altai is a unique land full of charm and mystery, located in the heart of Eurasia, in the Russian part of the Altai Mountains. Right here the Siberian taiga, the Kazakh steppes and the semi-deserts of Mongolia are uniting in one space.

Altai is included in the unified mountain system of Tibet. Here is the highest mountain of Siberia - Belukha Mountain (4506 m).

Mountainous Altai is a land that has preserved unique landscapes in its original form. Snowy peaks, mountain rivers and lakes - you will see all that beauty while visiting Altai.

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Everyone who visited the Altai Mountains once, for sure comes back here again to enjoy unique wild places, fresh mountain air and the unknown world of untouched nature.

The rest in the Altai region will restore your strength, energize you and give you many pleasant memories!

Capital - Gorno-Altaisk

Official website:

Time zone MSK + 4 (UTC + 7)

Barnaul International Airport

The climate is sharply continental, with a short hot summer and a long frosty winter.

Season - summer, early autumn.

The recommended length of stay is 7-10 days.

Must see places:
  • Teletskoye Lake
  • Karakol Lake
  • Mangier Lake
  • Tavdinsky (Taldin) caves
  • Chemal: Goat's path to Chemal HPS
  • Patmos Island
  • Aya (Aiskoe) Lake
  • Belukha Mountain
  • Denisova Cave
  • Shinok Falls
  • The Big Spring Lake
  • Kulunda Lake
«The Ural mountains, separating Siberia from Russia, make it special in all respects.»Alexander Nikolaevich Radishchev, writer
«The Altai Mountains is an untold country. One must be Roerich in order to repeat the charm of these places in full colors.» erman Stepanovich Titov, the Cosmonaut, Hero of the USSRG
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