Crimea is a peninsula in the Black Sea. It is located in the south-west of Russia, and washed by the Black and Azov Seas. Crimea has no direct connection with the territory of the Russian Federation overland. You can get here now only by sea on a ferry, or by plane. The construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait, which will be able to connect the peninsula with the Russian territory, is planned to be completed in 2019.

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The territory of the peninsula is 27,000 square kilometers, which is almost half the area of the Moscow region, while the population is three times smaller.

The peninsula Crimea with its bracing climate, wonderful nature and sandy beaches is not only one of the best resorts on the Black Sea, but also a fount of endless historical sights located in all Crimean resort towns.

The southern coast of the Crimea is dotted with magnificent palaces, such as Massandra, Vorontsovsky Palace in Alupka, or Dulber Palace in Miskhor. The palace and park ensemble of Livadia in Yalta is amazing not only for its beauty. Its story is also impressive: it reminds about the famous Crimean Conference of the Heads of States of the anti-Hitler coalition that took place in this palace during the World War II.

Not far from Yalta there is magic castle Swallow Nest, the most popular place of Crimea. The Swallow Nest is located on a steep 40-meter rock, from where you can admire the most picturesque mountain of the Crimean Ridge - Ai-Petri. It is possible to climb there by cable car.

The heroic history of the Crimea is closely connected with the city-hero Sevastopol. Being an important strategic object during two wars, Sevastopol was cruelly attacked, practically erased from the face of the earth. In the neighborhood of Sevastopol there is a small town of Balaklava. In Soviet times, Soviet submarines were deployed here, but today the base can be visited with an excursion.

Capital - Simferopol

Official website:

Time zone MSK (UTC + 3)

Simferopol International Airport

Southern Coast of the Crimea has sub-Mediterranean, mild continental climate with hot dry summer and mild warm humid winter. Average temperature in summer

July +23,0° +24,5° and in winter january +2,0° +4,0°. Annual precipitation at Southern coast of the Crimea is about 350-650(mm).There are about 250-300 sunny days.

Mountain part divides Southern Coast of the Crimea from Midland has light continental climate with warm and mild humid summer and cool humid winter.

Midland part of the Crimea has mild continental steppe climate with hot dry summer and cool humid winter. Average temperature in summer July +22,0° +23,5° and in winter January -2,3° - 0,0°. Annual precipitation at Midland of the Crimea is about 340-480(mm).

Season - summer, early autumn.

The recommended length of stay is 7-10 days.

Places must see
  • Swallow’s nest
  • Livadia Palace
  • Foros Church
  • Nikitsky Botanical Garden
  • Chufut-Kale
  • Khan’s Palace in Bakhchisaray
  • Mount Ai-Petri
  • Massandra Palace
  • Church of St. John Chrysostom in Yalta
  • Ayu-Dag (Bear Mountain)
  • Marble Cave
  • Chersonese of Taurida
  • Genoese fortresses
  • The Assumption Monastery of the Caves 
  • Panorama «Defense of Sevastopol»
  • Balaklava Bay
  • The Grand Canyon of Crimea
  • Cape Fiolent
  • Golitsyn Trail
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