Nature Reimagined

The exhibition is devoted to the most impressive and spectacular natural events depicted in the paintings of Russian artists. Sunshine and moonlight, thunderstorms and lightning, rainbows and clouds running across the sky, sunsets and auroras have always fascinated masters of the Russian landscape.

The Scarlet Sails 2021

The most popular highlight of the White Nights Festival is a yearly event called Scarlet Sails in Russian. It celebrates the high school graduates of Saint Petersburg and marks the official beginning of the summer holidays. The event will be held on the 25th of June to 26th of June, 2021 After the many open-air concerts have ended, a ectacular show takes place on the river Neva with its climax the appearance of a magnificent scarlet-draped sailing ship.

Russian Ludwig Nobel Prize ceremony held in St. Petersburg

Today, the 15th Russian Ludwig Nobel Prize awards ceremony is held in the Hermitage Theatre in St. Petersburg.