There is a place on Earth, where the beauty of nature does not leave anyone indifferent. It is Karelia - a land of glacial origin.

Here, on the edge of Ladoga, the largest lake in Europe, lies Priladozhie – the admiring territory. Its rich nature, crystal clear water, fresh air and abundant wildlife bring joy and happy to every visitor.

The pearl of the Northern Ladoga area is a wonderful, beautiful and mysterious island of Valaam.

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Rich in natural pristine beauty, the ecologically clean island of Valaam attracts millions of guests all year round.

Karelia is also interesting for fans of active rest, especially for kayakers and rafters.

Capital – Petrozavodsk

Official website: http://www.gov.karelia.ru/

Time zone MSK (UTC + 3)

The climatic conditions on the territory of the Republic of Karelia can be called soft. Here there are several climatic zones: from sea to moderately continental. A distinctive feature is a large amount of precipitation both in summer and in winter. Season - summer, early autumn

Season – all year round.

The recommended length of stay is 3-4 days.

Places must see:
  • The Kizhi museum
  • Kivach nature reserve
  • Valaan island
  • Ruskeala mountain park
  •  Kalevala
  • Kuzova islands
  • Vottovoara mountain
  • Kinerma Village
  • National park Paanayari
Dog sledding. Reindeer sledding. Ice fishing. Snowmobiling.
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