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Unofficial name of Murmansk is “The capital of the Arctic”. Do you want to know if there is a life beyond the Arctic Circle? The answer is YES. In the city of Murmansk. The city is famous for its thrice "the most": the largest, the youngest and the warmest one in the Arctic.

Murmansk is located on the rocky eastern coast of the Kolskiy Bay of the Barencevo Sea.

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In the polar night people are pleased with the Aurora Polaris - it can last from several hours to several days, whimsically shimmering in different colors.

The Northern Lights can be seen from September 21 to March 21 (equinox), from 21 hours to midnight.

To see the "dance of lights" you need a clear frosty weather. By the way, in the city the radiance can be seen not so distinctly as beyond the settlements. Those who know all about Aurora Polaris, travel for tens of kilometers from Murmansk to Teriberka village.

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Time zone MSK (UTC + 3)

International airport

Climate temperate, subarctic. Winters are warm thanks to the marine influence. The coldest month is February, the warmest month is July. Winter lasts an average of 5 months - from November to March. The average temperature in January - February is 10-11 ° C in the warmest month - July + 12-13 ° C.

Season: all year round.

The recommended length of stay is 3-5 days.

Plases must see:
  • Aurora polaris
  • Amethyst beach
  • Umba river. The coast of the White sea
  • Hibins mountains
  • Waterfall of Batareynoe lake
  • Mountain Haykuayvenchorr, snow slope
  • Seydozero lake
  • Kuzomenskie Peski (Sands)
  • Atomic Isebreaker "Lenin"
  • Kolskiy Bay
"There is nothing more useful for nerves than to visit where you have never been"Author: A. Akhmatova
"From behind the hills, with the rays of the sun, Murmansk swam out, flared up with fires.Author: Elena Shcheveleva
"There, near the Kolskiy Bay, Murmansk lays down between the rocks.
And under the influence of the Gulf Stream, it became the gateway to the Arctic. "Author: Victor Andreev
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