SAINT-PETERSBURG - city that will give you the brightest impressions

Description of the tour

St. Petersburg is a city-museum, a city-monument, the second largest city in Russia. Few cities in the world can boast of so many attractions, museum collections, opera and drama theaters, manors and palaces, picturesque parks and monuments. St. Petersburg is also famous for its legendary "White Nights" and will conquer you at first sight.

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Time zone UTC+3

Founded in 1703 by Peter The Great

International airport Pulkovo

Best season from May to September

Recommended during of stay 4-7 days

MUST SEE «White nights», drawbridges, ballet in Mariinskiy Theater, Peter-Paul's Fortress, Saint Isaac's Cathedral, Ermitage, Russian Museum, Peterhof, Tsarskoye Selo (Pushkin)…

«I love thee, Peter's grand creation;
I love thy aspect fair and chaste; …» A.Pushkin