Bastion of the Emperor Paul

Description of the tour

Bastion of the Emperor Paul — a rare combination of authentic Russian architecture and refine contemporary luxury.
Surrounded by world-famous museums and parks, you can organize a meaningful celebration or an important business event in the unique atmosphere provided by the former residences of Russian emperors.
Any event can be private – the whole castle can be rented.

More info

Castle BIP, also known as Paul’s Fortress or Bastion of the Emperor Paul, was built during the years 1795 to 1797 by the architect C. F. Brenna by order of Emperor Paul I, on the place of the small "Marienthal" Palace.
In the hotel there are 22 rooms which are ranked according to 4 different price categories. For guests with babies, an antique baby crib is available by request.


Castle BIP and surrounding it Mariental Park are located 20 km from Saint Petersburg and the international airport "Pulkovo".
There is the state museum-reserve "Pavlovsk" in the immediate vicinity.
The Palace and Park ensemble of Pavlovsk, created in the heyday of Russian classicism of the late XVIII - early XIX centuries - is a cultural heritage monument under UNESCO protection.
The core of the complex is the Pavlovsk Palace which used to be the summer Palace of Paul I.
The Park adjoining to the Palace occupies an area of about 600 hectares on both sides of the Slavyanka river, which makes it one of the largest landscape parks in Europe.
The Palace and Park were being built over 50 years by three generations of architects and designers: Cameron, Brenna, Quarenghi, Voronikhin, Rossi.
Another world-famous Palace and Park complex "Tsarskoye Selo" is just 6 km from the Castle.
There are more than 100 architectural monuments on its territory - palaces, pavilions, bridges, marble monuments, imitating the Gothic, Turkish, Chinese architecture.
Well, for better acquaintance with the personality of the founder of the Castle –Emperor Paul I, you are highly recommended to visit the Big Gatchina Palace and the Priory Castle, which is only thirty-minute trip from Pavlovsk.
We are always ready to help our guests with planning cultural programs during their stay, including tour support by an experienced guide and transfer arrangement.

Room information

№ 10 – DOUBLE (bath and shower) S = 45 sq.m.

№11 – DOUBLE (bath and shower) S = 30 sq.m.

№ 20 – DOUBLE (bath and shower, balcony) S = 32 sq.m.

№ 21 – DOUBLE(antique copper bath and shower, fireplace) S = 80 sq.m.

№ 22 – DOUBLE(bath and shower) S = 45 sq.m.

№ 23 – DOUBLE (bath, fireplace) S = 35 sq.m.

№ 24 – DOUBLE (shower) – 25 sq.m.

№ 25 – TWIN (shower) – 25 sq.m.

№ 26 – DOUBLE + extra bed for teenagers (bath, shower, fireplace) S = 60 sq.m.

№ 27 – DOUBLE (balcony, bath and shower, living room) S = 74 sq.m.

№ 30 – DOUBLE (shower) S = 22 sq.m.

№ 31 – TWIN + extra sofa (shower) S =  26 sq.m.

№ 32 – TWIN (baby cot, shower) S = 29 sq.m.

№ 33 – DOUBLE + extra sofa (baby cot, shower) S = 38 sq.m.

№ 34 – DOUBLE (bath and shower) S = 19 sq.m.

№ 35 – DOUBLE + extra sofa (bath) S = 38 sq.m.

№ 36 – DOUBLE (bath) S = 18 sq.m.

№ 37 – DOUBLE (shower, hallway) S = 42 sq.m.

№ 38 – TWIN (shower) S = 33 sq.m.

№ 39 – TWIN + extra sofa (bath and shower) S = 25 sq.m.

№ 40 – DOUBLE (shower, hallway) S = 50 sq.m.

№ 50 – 2-storey room in a tower with 2 bedrooms (first floor – shower, second floor – bath; with open terrace access) S 1floor = 33 sq.m., S 2-floor = 10 sq.m., S terrace = 34 sq.m.


The castle rent is a sort of romance, coupled with practical purposes.
Presentation, private reception, ball, banquet or wedding, held inside these walls, at once acquire the status of the elite event.
Castle BIP has all the advantages of a standard luxury hotel, which means your guests will be comfortably accommodated. However, it has also different stages, both indoors and outdoors, for holding any event.
Whatever your choice, we will make every effort to provide you with the most comfortable stay possible for you and your guests. We can offer secure parking, a helipad, a vegetable garden and a small menagerie.
We focus on an individual approach to each client. Depending on your wishes and the format of the planned event, we are ready to offer individual halls for rent, as well as an opportunity to rent the entire castle.


From May to September on the eastern slope near the castle walls we plant a vegetable garden.
During the season, we grow more than a dozen of kinds of vegetables, and the same number of different kinds of herbs. Also 4 kinds of berry bushes grow in our garden. Strawberries grown on the Castle ravelins are served all the year round as a special dessert in the restaurant.
Any guest can stroll through the garden and also gather the harvest with the chef, which he will cook up to your taste.


Hours: 12.00 – 22.00
At our restaurant, you will be offered 5-6 cooking options for the dish chosen by you, and it can also be prepared according to your own recipe.
Antique dishes are used to set the table.
For lunch, dinner or other occasions, you can choose one of eight halls and, in summertime, the open-air terrace and picnic area are available for use.
From May to September, you can go on an excursion around our vegetable garden and the chef will prepare any items picked from the garden according to your taste preferences.

Freplace hall
Fireplace Room. 77 m2. 
The hall, completed with a working wood fireplace ,
can accommodate up to 60 people.

Oval Room
Oval Room. 45 m2.
The hall can accommodate up to 30 people.
Two adjoining private dining rooms:
the first accommodates 6-8 people (13 m2), 
and the second - 2 persons (5 m2)

Round Hall
Round Room with its own exit to the terrace. 33 m2.
The hall can accommodate up to 25 people.

Bar 40 m2 with LCD TV.
Accommodates up to 20 people.

Atrium. 152 m2. The hall can accommodate up to 100 persons. Grand piano.

Maltese chapel
Maltese Chapel with a terrace. 
Сan accommodate up to 10 people. 23 m2/


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