Retro train journey

Description of the tour

On February 25, on Sunday, the retro steam locomotive will return after the rest and again go on a journey, will please tourists with an unusual sight, a loud horn and an interesting excursion program!

A unique opportunity to touch the history of locomotives and railway development in Russia!
The excursion will be equally interesting for children and adults!

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Tour program:

10:00 - meeting at the Vitebskiy railway station.

Excursion to the Vitebskiy Station, the most beautiful in St. Petersburg and is the first construction of this type in Russia.

 11:10 - departure on retro-train from Vitebskiy railway station (on the way - the story of the guide about the history of locomotive building and railways).

11:50 - arrival to the 21 km platform.

Visit the Museum of retro technology.

13:10 - departure on retro-train from the platform 21 km.
Traditional railway tea on the way.

13:40 - Arrival of the retro-train to Vitebskiy railway station.