The amazing combination of holy places and the beauty of northern nature makes an impression. Even persons far from religion can feel the uniqueness of this island.

Valaam is the largest island of the Natural Park “Valaamskiy Archipelago” in the north of Ladoga Lake. Here is the one of the greatest monuments of Russian architecture - the Valaam Monastery.

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The northern bulwark of Orthodoxy attracts persons seeking pacification for their souls. Main visitors of Valaam see a higher meaning and special purpose in the northern severe nature.

For its thousand-year history, Valaam experienced oblivions and revivals many times. At the dawn of Christianity Valaam was blessed by St. Andrew the First-Called and the stone cross is still there. In the middle of XIX century there was a heyday of the Holy Monastery. Nowadays Valaam is still the most popular holly place in Russia.

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Time zone is MSK (UTC + 3)

There are no harsh winters and very hot summers. Autumn and spring are fogs. In any season on Valaam often blow the winds.

Season - summer

The recommended length of stay is 2-3 days.

Route: St. Petersburg - Priozersk - Isl. Valaam - Priozersk - St. Petersburg
One-day helicopter excursion tour to Valaam - the pearl of the Russian North. An hour of helicopter flight and the opportunity to see from the height…