VIP service

We will make your trip easier and more enjoyable. We can simplify for you very important part of travel, which usually takes a lot of time and effort - the procedure of arrival and departure in the airports. Never waiting for a boarding and migration formalities was so pleasant and quick. We cooperate with all the largest airports around the world. VIP lounges at the airports are ready to open the doors to you, and the quality of the offered services fully corresponds to your position.

  • VIP services at the airport:
  • VIP meeting at the airport
  • Fast Track
  • VIP lounges in airports
  • Meet & Assist

and many other VIP services will make you feel at home in the most remote corners of the earth.

VIP meeting at the airport – meeting of the passenger (or group) at the exit of aircraft. Delivery by special transport to the terminal building and escort to the passport control area (depending on the conditions at a particular airport and the way the aircraft is parked).

Fast Track – accelerated passage of customs, passport, as well as, if necessary, sanitary control. In some airports, registration takes place directly in VIP lounge. Private transport for access from/to the terminal. The full list of services may vary, depending on local conditions.

VIP-hall or VIP terminal depending on the features of the airport at the departure:

  • registration for the flight of passengers and luggage directly in the VIP-hall;
  • use of VIP lounge till boarding an aircraft (20-30 minutes before departure);
  • passport control directly in the VIP lounge after the announcement about the boarding;
  • staff escorts passengers from VIP lounge till the boarding to the aircraft.

Meet & Assist

  • representative of the company meets the passenger in the place specified in advance with the name of the company or the name of the passenger on name board;
  • representative assists the passenger to register for the flight, register luggage and pass all migration formalities in the public area.

VIP service at the airports will not only emphasize your status. Our service will allow you to enjoy the journey, forgetting about all the inconveniences.

Feel free to contact with us for any further information.