Gastronomic Tours

Gastronomy tour 9 days

Georgian cuisine is so varied and tasty and will surprise both - meat eaters and vegetarians. You'll try Khachapuri, Egg-plants with walnuts, Shkmeruli, Pork Shashlik, Georgian bread from “Tone”, fish in Coriander sauce, Chaqapuli (seasonal dish) or Chakhokhbili, Khashlama, Khinkali, bean soap, Nadugi, Kharcho (with nuts), Kuchmachi, Elarji, Matsoni soup, Chakhrakina, 
Kebab, trout in pomegranate sauce, Achma, mushrooms with cheese and other dishes.

Pastoral tune 7 days

By choosing our Rural Tour to Armenia, you will travel around the most curious and cozy villages of Armenia, get acquainted with the way of life of the local population and taste delicious natural country products.